In the subsequent chapters we will explain the concepts followed in the work of  EcoStab. These concepts will be basic for understanding the approach of our work. There are some points common to the concepts outlined in the next chapters:

  • the protection of soil (qualitative as well as quantitative) through the use of vegetation
  • minimizing technical industrial material through the use of local resources
  • the principle of "no protection without gain"
  • biodiversity as major factor for resilience




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Slope erosion stabilisation tests executed by the french forest services department of mountain land recuperation (Service de Recuperation des Terrains en Montagne) above the barrier lake of the Drac river ( Les Payas / 1992 ) In the foreground leftovers from live fascines, in the background dead wood fascines and hybrid techniques using gabions and wire fences.

"We can better understand the environment in relation to development and we can better understand development in relation to the environment, because they cannot and should not be distinguished as separate entities."

Gro Harlem Brundtland; 1987