EcoStab was founded by Dieter Werner Koch in 1996 as an independent soil-bio-engineering consultancy with the objective of implementing the principles of sustainability and soil-bio-engineering.

EcoStab is following a strictly holistic approach which means that every technical problem is seen within it's complete socio-ecological context.

All activities are planned and executed following the strict codex of sustainability. Any  mission is analyzed under the three main aspects of sustainability: environement, man and technology. EcoStab is always on the front line of technically feasible solutions taking into account the social,  economical and ethical sustainability as well as the protection of climate and biodiversity. 

EcoStab is working in close cooperation within a network of colleagues, industrial suppliers, administrations and research institutions. The outcome of these cooperations are innovative environementally sound solutions in water- and road construction and water treatment. 

EcoStab's commitment into research guaranties individual cutting edge solutions  for almost any problem.

Dr. Koch and EcoStab are members of the german association of soil-bio-enginering, german association of human ecology, research group on infrastructure and water Rhône-Alpes and the association for the promotion of agro-ecology in the tropics








There should be something worth living for,

there should be something worth trying for,

even something worthin dying for.

If one man can stand tall

there must be some hope for us all.

Somewhere, somwewhere in the spirit of man.


Jeff Wayne; 1978